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1.04 CT Radiant Cut Solitaire Style Moissanite Engagement Ring

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✦ The Ring Shown in the Picture Holds a Beautiful 1.04 CT Radiant Cut Moissanite.

 Main Stone Details
✧ Shape: Radiant Cut Moissanite
✧ Weight: 1.04 CT (7x5 mm)
✧ Color: DEF(Colorless)
✧ Clarity: VVS

✦ Ring Details

✧ Metal: Gold (10KT, 14KT, 18KT)
✧ Metal Tone: Yellow, White, Rose Gold


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Experience the pinnacle of elegance reserved for the discerning. Our ethically sourced Moissanite, rivaling the finest diamonds, offers a cut above the rest. Say goodbye to inclusions and imperfections.

Our Moissanite shines with DEF color grade, the epitome of whiteness, and VVS clarity, ensuring only minuscule blemishes under magnification. This is Moissanite perfection, accessible to those who demand the best in ethical luxury.

Read About Moissanite

Why Moissanite Craft?

Sparkling Clarity

Rest assured, your moissanite's brilliance is forever! With care, your gemstone will retain its dazzling fire for generations.

Guaranteed Forever

Should any unexpected damage occur, we offer a lifetime guarantee against chipping or breaking.

Sustainable Sparkle

Each piece represents a commitment to eco-conscious practices and responsible jewelry.

Conflict-Free Beauty

Our moissanite is lab-grown, ensuring it originates from ethically responsible and conflict-free sources.

A Legacy of Brilliance

Witness the Meticulous Journey of Your Timeless Moissanite

Conception and Confirmation

Upon receiving your order, our team beams with delight. We carefully review every detail, ensuring your preferences are perfectly captured. This is where your vision starts to take shape, and is translated into a detailed email for precise confirmation. We then expect your confirmation within 24 hours, if we don't, we assume you're happy to proceed.

Precision Carving

From the designer's vision, skilled artisans translate the sketches into reality. Using advanced Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technology, they meticulously sculpt wax models of each piece, ensuring perfect proportions and intricate details. These wax models become the blueprint for the jewelry's eventual form.

Molten Magic

Next comes the transformation from delicate wax to sturdy metal. The wax models are carefully invested in specialized casting machines, where molten precious metals like gold, platinum, or silver take their place. Once cooled, these metal castings become the foundation upon which the gemstones will be set.

Gemstone Symphony

Now, the stars of the show take center stage: the moissanites! Each gemstone is hand-selected for its fire, brilliance, and flawless cut. Skilled gem setters meticulously secure the moissanites into their metal settings, using specialized tools and techniques to ensure a perfect fit and maximum sparkle.

Polishing Perfection

Every rough edge is meticulously polished away, revealing the dazzling brilliance of the finished piece. Craftsmen use specialized buffing wheels and polishing compounds to bring out the moissanite's fire and the metal's luster, creating a mirror-like shine that captures the light with every movement.

Quality Control

Each piece undergoes rigorous quality control checks to ensure it meets our exacting standards. From gemstone placement and setting to metalwork and polish, every detail is meticulously examined before a piece is deemed worthy of joining our collection.

Ready to Dazzle

Finally, the moment arrives! Each finished piece is carefully packaged and prepared to embark on its journey to adorn its perfect owner. This treasured box is shipped, carrying within it a spark of your story, arrives within 5-8 days, ready to unfold its brilliance.

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